Adam’s Apple

My husband has a new love of his life. I have been replaced – at a huge cost. He wakes up with her. She brightens up when he looks at her. He talks to her incessantly and she understands every word he speaks. She almost always agrees with him. She is our new liaison. He…

Born To Race

It is the end of the last hill, less than a mile to the finish. They are whooshing past, the top five, maintaining a snug distance from the rest. Keeping pace is herculean on this last hump. Suddenly, there is commotion behind – a crash. A few riders have to stop. Don has a perfect spot – nobody behind him and only five ahead, all from another team. With 200 meters to go, he senses the person next to him slow and before he can lose his momentum, he takes off. “I went flying by those guys and because I had the element of surprise and the momentum, I got a nice gap. Right Away! I looked back and I had it.” A sparkle lights up his face as Don vibrantly recounts every vivid detail of The Washington State Biking Championship, twelve years ago.